02/01/2024: During the current hiring freeze we request that units take the following steps prior to submitting a recruitment request:

  • Coordinate with your Fiscal Officer on the funding source(s), to identify whether your account(s) are restricted or nonrestricted.
    •  Confirm the funding is available for at least 1 year or more
  • Memo of Justification (for nonrestricted funds):
    • The memo must be issued and signed by the Director of the unit and addressed to RII Employee Services
    • Memo must include:
      • Why the position is critical
      • What is the negative impact of not filling the position
      • Explain how the position is being funded, identifying funding sources and, how the department plans to fund this long term (for at least 1 year or more)
      • What is the plan to offset the cost of this position (i.e. what will you not do in order to fund this position)
      • Confirmation that the department has worked with their Fiscal Officer to confirm funding viability
    • Attach the memo to the smartsheet form for submission

Please complete and submit all of the following documents (including the Memo of Justification mentioned above) to initiate a recruitment:

  • HR Mapping Form - used for assessment and mapping (only required for University Staff) - Mapping form can now be attached to the bottom of the RII Recruitment Form for submission.
  • RII Recruitment Form - used for Talent job ad.  This is where you want to sell your position to the public.

Need help with building a job description?

Please view the University Staff Career Architecture to obtain information about the functions, families, and titles. Upon identifying the appropriate title for your position please proceed with creating the job description. If you need help identifying the right job please contact our office at for assistance.

No verbal or written offers above the midpoint for the position’s career architecture can be provided without PRIOR approval from Division of HR/Compensation.  Please contact RII Employee Services before making an offer to your selected candidate and provide name and proposed compensation offer so we can verify the amount is within guidelines.  If compensation being offered is above the mid-point of the pay range provide a written rationale that describes the candidates unique/special skills that warrants such an amount.  RII Employee Services will submit your request to offer above the midpoint to HR Compensation for approval.  When an offer has to be rescinded because it does not meet the compensation guidelines it creates a unfavorable experience for the candidate.  

Department/division is responsible for following the Compensation Administration Guidelines and making equitable pay decisions.  Managing within Pay Ranges should be taken into consideration when any pay decision is made.  The department/division should take into account the education, experience, knowledge and skills of the individual and place them within the pay range appropriately while also taking into consideration internal equity within the department, division and the University.  In the end the department/division should be able to support the pay decisions they make.  Please refer to the Compensation Administration Guidelines (see page 8) for a guide on how to apply the quartiles of the pay ranges.

IMPORTANT:  Human Resources recently announced guidance for managing remote work requests, meaning outside of Arizona.  ALL requests for remote work arrangements must be vetted and approved by RII senior leadership and central Human Resources before the posting will be approved.  This can take between 2 and 3 weeks for approval and an additional 2 weeks for the hire process to commence after approved.  Due to the delays this new guidance may cause to the recruitment process we strongly encourage you contact our office at immediately if you are considering a remote work arrangement for a position!  We will do our best to facilitate and expedite requests.

Out-of-State Domestic Work Arrangements

Have you received a new sponsored award?  Congratulations! 

Are you wanting to hire an individual named in the awarded grant?  If so, please request a non-competitive recruitment.  In addition to completing the above forms, please send a copy of the sponsored approved budget and budget justification to

The following documents are provided to support the Search Committee in conducting a successful recruitment.