Joanne Canalli

Director, Employee Services

Joanne (Jo) Canalli is Director for RII Employee Services.   Her commitment to the role involves creating partnerships with RDI units to help them be successful.  Jo has a long history working within university systems beginning with the University of California, San Diego in 1994.  She began as an administrative assistant, soon transitioned to providing accounting support and eventually managing a business function.  Jo has developed skills in both pre-award and post-award management and eventually made her way to the University of Arizona.  This experience is a great asset in providing human resource support to units under the Research, Innovation and Impact umbrella as Jo can view and understand situations from both the employee and manager level as well as impacts to the business and financial areas. 

In her spare time Jo dances and teaches Argentine Tango with her husband.  They often travel to attend dance festivals and teach workshops around the country and sometimes even internationally.  Jo also likes to hike and loves roaming around the beautiful Arizona deserts and mountains.