About Us

The Research, Innovation & Impact Business Center (RIIBC) was founded in April 2016, and proudly supports the departments under Research, Innovation & Impact (RII). We provide financial, human resources and other business support to our customers.  We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service and support!

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Our Mission

Research, Innovation & Impact Business Center (RIIBC) aspires to go above & beyond by providing our customers and their partners with guided, quality, and personalized service. We are committed to being responsive, courteous, professional and efficient.

Research, Innovation & Impact Business Center (RIIBC) supports the University of Arizona's mission by providing efficient, effective and timely services to promote, empower, and enhance the mission of the University.

Our Vision

Research, Innovation & Impact Business Center (RIIBC) aspires to be a campus model for innovative and streamlined business solutions.

Core Values


We are committed to providing excellent customer service with quality, accountability, and responsibility while upholding the highest ethical standards.


We believe in demonstrating the highest form of courtesy, compassion, and kindness towards each other; treating others how you want to be treated. We promote an environment where people can contribute, innovate, and excel.


We see the opportunity in every situation to learn, adapt, improve, and are hopeful about the successful outcome of change and in providing change.


We believe in thoughtful exchange of information and cooperation for the mutual benefits of all. We work together to build transparent, lasting relationships that are based on trust.


We seek to acquire skills, expertise, and discovery through experience and learning. We believe in constant and never-ending self-improvement.